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Presentation Liberty is a first-person horror indie game that takes place in a small area. The map is so small that it is no bigger than a medium-sized closet. The game is so short that it lasts only an hour or two, and is somewhat useless. However, it challenges players to think not only about their high scores, but also about their thoughts on life, death, happiness, and sorrow.

Alone in the world

Predictable Liberty focuses on the effects of large monopolies on the fulfillment of all. In the game, you wake up in a cell. No one seems to be around, and your only connection to the outside world is a series of push-ups under the door.

The letters came through a variety of characters, including Salvador, Charlotte, Dr. Manny, and Mr. Smiley. Each letter gives you an idea of what happened. They also let you know what is happening outside of prison. In addition, these letters will give rise to various emotions that will somehow doubt your existence.

presentable liberty

The end of the game is that you form a bond with three characters, one of whom, unfortunately, dies. These events will only increase your helplessness because there is nothing you can do but wait for another letter to arrive.

Limited movements

Unlike other adventure games, Present Liberty only allows certain digital functions to occur, so players who create the parameters have to work within it. You will spend almost the whole game in jail. It gives you the feeling that you can’t help but feel hopeless.

In addition, the game does not include a method of replying to incoming letters. With this, the rate of inflow of information is fixed. However, you will be given a game-like console in ten minutes. You can use this console to play mini-games to pass the time between letters. Note that the outcome of these games does not affect the main story.

  You can also collect items that the character sends you through their letters. Items include party poppers, a table, a spider, some posters, and a clock. But, these things are just distractions and don’t really do much but occupy your already limited map.

Simply a time waster

Current Liberty is a wonderful storytelling experience with minimal gameplay elements. It’s not very long, and it comes with very limited mechanics. Playing with a disturbing and frustrating story is just a waste of time. However, if you are interested in watching unusual and compelling psychological horror games, you should definitely give it a try.

presentable liberty


  • Compelling story
  • Simple controls
  • Interesting characters and themes


  • Simple, dull graphics
  • Short gameplay
  • Limited game elements

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