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This management software, Google Maps Extractor software, can be used to remove Google Maps search results, including business name, address, city, state, zip code, phone, ranking, websites, zip. Code, longitude, longitude and opening hours. Additionally, our Google Maps Scraper program will help you convert web data to other formats, such as CSV or Excel, and save you time instead of collecting it manually. They can also use the fine email option to find the email addresses of your contacts. Our powerful Google Maps crawler is easy to use and user friendly.

What are the Google Maps Contact Extractor editions?

The Google Maps Contact Extractor software is available in two editions: Demo Edition & Standard Edition ($99.95) for 2 computers.

Key features of our Google Maps Crawler software:

  • Can extract in scraper mode (Extract unlimited data for free of cost) and using Google MAPS for Free.
  • Extracted data stored in CSV or zip format, which can easily be opened in Excel shheet
  • Compatible for Microsoft XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
  • See the total extracted records and view the results.
  • Option to enter multiple search criteria or multiple keywords at a time.
  • Avoid IP blocks.
  • Supported countries (200 countries)
  • The license can be activated on 2 computers with our Google Maps scrawler software.

Try our Google Maps Crawler tool today! risk FREE!

Google maps contact Extractor software
Download your Google Maps Data Extractor software today and see how easy it is to find and find information from your favorite Google Maps. Stop buying data that is not up-to-date, build your database for telemarketing, mail posting, and emailing.

How does our Google place scraper software works?

We've deliberately created easy-to-use Google Place Scraper software to help you create your own lead. After selecting your category or entering a keyword, location, all you have to do is start searching and wait for the results. Isn't it beautiful?
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In other words, you tell Google Maps Data Extractor software the type of business and locations (city or state of Google Maps country), and then, in a clean formatted CSV file, the software will create a spreadsheet which I am involved in this business. Name, address, phone number, rating, websites, latitude, longitude, opening hours and email address (if one exists).
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What about the duplicate data in this Google Maps crawler software?
Don’t worry! By default, the software automatically eliminates duplicates.

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